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Enterprise Level Personal Touch

Having vendors compete for your business means bigger discounts and better contract terms. As your advocate, we act on your behalf to ensure you get the absolute best pricing for best-of-breed technology.

Efficient Utilization of Resources

There are thousands of technology providers out there and the wrong choice could be detrimental to your business. With more than 200 providers in our portfolio, we take the risk out of vendor selection and help you find the right solutions for your unique business needs.

Knowledge and Experience

We do the heavy lifting. From sourcing and engineering to contract management and service escalations, we give you back your valuable time and energy throughout the life of our relationship.

Customized Solutions. Personalized Service. Simplified Process.

No matter what industry you’re in – you’re in the technology business. Every organization is rooted in a solid technology ecosystem. In fact, nearly every aspect of your business depends on technology to be productive, profitable, and performance-driven. We help you tie it all together and simplify the enterprise-grade solutions you need to run your business.


Peace of mind management for your technology infrastructure. SOLUSCare takes the burden of service provider management off your shoulders. 

Cyber Security

Protecting your digital environment has never been more important. We have many solutions for your enterprise security needs. 

Spend Optimization

Right-sizing your network and understanding your IT billing is crucial to running a successful business. SOLUS can manage your IT spend with ease. 


Whether you are seeking connectivity for a single location or a private network to span across multiple locations, you need access to fast, secure connectivity solutions for your organization.

Managed Security Compliance

Cybercriminals are constantly creating targeted, advanced methods of attack, and old-school cybersecurity solutions simply won’t cut it in today’s modern world.

Managed IT Services

Managing IT services takes time away from focusing on your business. By outsourcing the challenging parts of your IT department to our team, you save time, money, and focus on what matters most.

Cost Containment/Audit

Better manage telecom spend and increase your ROI and free up your time so that you are better able to focus on your core business and long-term financial viability.


From IP phones to headsets, routers to IoT sensors, SOLUS helps your business source the best hardware for all of your communication and networking needs.

Contact Center

From call centers to web chat, instant messages to email, your omnichannel contact center allows your customers to engage with you quickly and efficiently.


Ready To SIMPLIFY Your Business Technologies?

Let’s talk about how SOLUS can simplify the deployment of your technology solutions so you can focus on the important stuff – your business.